Strategic Planning

Balancing what you can afford with what you need allows for a strategic plan aligned with your goals and tailored to your needs. Everyone is concerned about price. Even with soaring costs, there are creative ways to deliver quality solutions.

We recommend that our clients make employee benefits, risk management and financial planning a strategic initiative. By defining objectives and developing an action plan based on meeting those objectives, we ensure an organized, complete approach to fulfilling you and your employees’ needs. Our strategic planning services include evaluations of characteristics such as access, service and price to ensure a proper balance is achieved. Strategic planning also shields your plan from becoming obsolete as new trends and market factors emerge.

Finally, because cost effective and unique employment benefits are tools in recruiting employees, we focus on the client’s industry; we look at geography, demographics, and employee needs and attitudes, and make recommendations on the coverages, resources and services the client should offer their employees in order to be competitive.

Five-Star Client Service

No one, anywhere, at any price, will provide you with the service and experienced team you’ll find at JRG. Period. We assist clients in developing long-term employee benefits and business services strategies. This includes researching and recommending plan design(s), funding arrangements, implementation of benefits plans, and preparation of employee communications. We also track and interpret claims data for applicable groups. JRG evaluates the quality of our Client Resource Center by utilizing an employer satisfaction survey. We summarize the results, provide the necessary feedback, and take any action necessary to resolve specific issues. This same survey technology is another customized service for our clients who want to evaluate their company’s effectiveness.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We provide your employees 24/7 access to your company’s information, significantly reducing your time fielding questions. We empower your employees to manage their own benefits. They get what they need when they need it. Our online tools demonstrate that you’ve invested in resources for their well-being. We also provide technology for billing and account maintenance at the level you would expect from a premier business advisor.

We simply never stop working to provide a better experience than you can find elsewhere.


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